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In everything we do, our goal is to meet you or your organization right where you are
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Here's what our clients say about Lyric Professional Development

  • Jordan
    Working with Lyric Professional Development was amazing! Paula Jayne is kind, fun to work with, and gets down to business – providing direct, constructive, and honest feedback that helped me convey my ideas in a more powerful way. Besides helping to craft the narrative, she is able to see the full strategic picture and ensure that you are hitting your mark. For example, when I wrote an essay about a coaching situation, she quickly recognized that writing about a team situation would be more impactful. By being able to see that I needed to take a step back and tell a different story, she was able to improve not only the language of the story – but, was able to bring ideas that enhanced the very essence of what I was trying to convey. I would highly recommend working with Paula Jayne and her team!
    Management Consultant
  • Charles Green
    What do you do when you need to be in two places at the same time? In my business, I am fortunate to face this dilemma from time to time: needing to be in the field with clients while also at home building new content to keep those clients engaged. When faced with these situations, I trust Lyric Professional Development to help. Equally adept at consulting in the field as they are at developing clear, focused content, I know I can count on this team both to execute the work and to represent my brand flawlessly. Over the years, Paula Jayne has become one of my own trusted advisors, consistently going beyond just doing what I’ve asked to sharing insights and challenging my thinking, elevating both of our work in the process. Together, she and I have built some pretty great stuff. I know she and her team will do the same for you.
    Charles Green
    Founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates
  • Brian
    I have been working with Lyric for years to multiply the impact of my Sales Force Effectiveness work as a trainer and executive coach. Paula Jayne and her team have a deep and nuanced understanding of adult learning, which they apply both in content creation and delivery. One of the toughest meetings to run is any kind of training for Sales people – but not for this team! Paula Jayne has a deft hand at meeting facilitation and makes for an engaging presenter. She is fantastic in front of a room both in content, presence, and impact. I truly value my partnership with her, and I highly recommend the work she and her team do.
    Management Consultant
  • Andrea Howe
    I have worked with Paula Jayne for over a decade and have been consistently struck by her unique combination of skills in that she is both business savvy and relationship focused. She’s a creative problem-solver who comes to the table both confidence as well as curiosity. She’s committed to advancing conversations, not just facilitating them. She’s self-directed, motivated, and dedicated. And on top of all that, she’s deeply committed to the long-term success of her clients and colleagues    
    Andrea Howe
    Co-Author, The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook and founder of The Get Real Project

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